Saturday, June 28, 2008

Gravity, Energy, and Spankings

I saw my doc on Monday. "Do you understand the gravity of the situation you were in? The illness you had has a 60% mortality rate," she said. "You are fortunate to be alive."

MR's response: "I went too easy on you for that spanking."
The Dutchman's response: "I'll keep that in mind when I deliver my spanking."
CW's response: "I'm tempted to tie you to the mast of the boat and
give you a good whipping."

In cahoots with each other, the Dutchman kept egging MR on with regards to spanking me. One swat for each day I was in the hospital (15) as punishment for not taking proper care of myself. In response, I'd told him "Hey, deliver your own spanking!" So now I've got another one coming. *sigh*

I have learned that just as there are drawbacks to having a high pain tolerance (ie, landing myself in the hospital), there are also drawbacks to knowing the love of a few good men. Like spankings. Which is hysterical, since I'm oh-so-NOT the submissive type. Yet, I found myself obediently (and apprehensively) laying down at the foot of MR's bed and letting him paddle me pink, counting out the swats aloud. He was concerned I would 'enjoy' it. I didn't. It could be because I'm not into pain, or it could be because my libido still hasn't recovered.

I know my libido hasn't recovered because I had actually forgotten about my sybian until I stubbed my toe on it. And while my mind is stimulated by the memories of its use, my body is not following. Ah well.

There is an irony to this and that is that while I feel that my sexual energy is in a lull, others have commented on how being around me makes them think things that are embarassing in public. Heh.

It is going to be very warm today, so I'm wearing my favorite white muslin sundress and flip-flops to show off my new pedicure. Bright pink toenails!

Next week is the Portland Blues Fest, Independance Day, J's going away party, B's chocolate tasting, and B's game night. I hope I have the energy to indulge.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

I am now a published author!

My story "Where The Women Are" has been published in the anthology Wetter: more true lesbian sex stories edited by Nicole Foster. It was published by AlysonBooks in May and I didn't find out until today when I picked up the TON of mail from the post office.

Another story "Picnic Beneath The Willows" will soon be published by Mojocastle Press in the anthology The Longest Kiss edited by Chrissie Bentley with an introduction by Dave Thompson.

I'm so excited!

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Final days in San Francisco

My time in San Francisco draws to a close, and I will shortly resume Life, Interupted. There are things I am going to miss: my family, my friends, the golden sunlight, the quiet days. However, there are things I am not going to miss: doctors and nurses, medicine, hot, dry, dusty air, and the restlessness that comes from being inactive.

Most especially I will miss MR, who has been a far better host and companion to me than I have been a guest. He has tolerated all of the medical paraphernalia scattered everywhere, and my need to hook up my IV every 8 hours. When I want sushi, he takes me for sushi. When I want steak, he takes me to a steakhouse. When I want to get out of the house, takes me to the movies or to mini-golf or he just gives me the keys to his Z3. In all fairness, though, I give as good as I get. His house is clean, his is laundry done, his back is massaged regularly, and I do fill the gas tank.

I've just realized that in the past six months I have worked just 6 weeks, and that I have spent more time at his place than at my own. Tammy's death, Caro's cancer, Terri's heart attack, Chrissy's kidney stones, and then my own hospital adventure. Its been costly in so many ways and I am so looking forward to going home and getting a handle on my personal finances. There is nothing like paying for a funeral and helping sick relatives make ends meet to lay waste to savings. Thankfully, I have medical insurance.

One of the highlights of my being stuck here in San Francisco was seeing my very dear friends K and C and meeting for the first time the little girl they adopted a few years ago. For all the challenges she faces, she is a terribly bright child, and I have confidence in their abilities to provide her a loving home in which to thrive. I would have liked to see more of them, but he was here to speak at the Apple conference and I didn't have the stamina to keep up with a 7 year-old for very long.

I wish I could say I'd done some writing and recording, but I haven't. Along with the meltdown in my health, I have experienced technological challenges with my cell phone and my laptop. Ah well.

From all accounts, my friends in Portland are eagerly awaiting my return. I've multiple invitations to dinner, to snuggle, to movies, etc. I expecially look forward to resuming my activities in the LoveTribe and ecstatic dance communities.

Watch out Portland! Here I come!

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