Friday, November 28, 2008

Move accomplished

So here I am, sitting amidst a sea of boxes, most of them books. I am exhausted. My back and knees ask me why I've chosen to live in a townhouse where the bedroom is on the third level. There is no such thing as ranch-style houses in San Francisco, I tell them. It does not stop their complaining. Today my body feels every one of its 40 years. But for all that, my spirits are good. I left California 22 years ago and swore that I would not come back to live, yet here I am. Here I am. My friends and family here are thrilled. I spent the night snuggled up to my lover, and will spend the next several there, seeing as it will probably be a few more days before I get my bed set up. Mmmm. Thoughts of my bed have my back and knees telling me that they will stop complaining as soon as they get a good night's sleep on my tempurpedic mattress.

It will take some time to settle in, to find the rhythm of my life, and from there, to begin creating again. I look forward to writing and recording. I will try to put this down-time to good use as far as taking care of myself and putting out some more of my work goes.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way to go, Kay! You did it. Move accomplished. In your lover's arms. The pleasure of opening book boxes, leafing thru favorites and enjoying thoughts of what's ahead.

I moved back home from Iraq the other day. Book boxes, lover's arms, dreams of the future. Mission accomplished.


12:57 AM, December 16, 2008  

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