Friday, July 18, 2008

A Midsummer Night's Sensual Romp, pt 1

I'm no Titania by any means, but tonight I am getting my faerie costume together for the Midsummer Night Sensual Romp. I'm using a filmy thin fabric, the sort that scarves are made of. Two layers of it, pale jade green, with oriental poppies in soft yellows and pinks. I have bindi in amber and green: I'll put them on my face, neckline, cleavage, and perhaps even my bellybutton. I picked up a wire garland with stars woven into it for a crown, and I've got white flowers to add to it, and I even have a wand. In the morning I'll shave and annoint myself with oils so that I am soft and smooth and sweet-smelling. I'll probably drop my sybian off at B's for him and his wife to use in their own private sensual romp, and then I'll be off to the Romp, where I will dive into the sensuality of the LoveTribe. There is nothing quite like the energy that a gathering of this group of people has. There are all sorts of superlatives to use, but it has to be experienced to be appreciated. This will be the first big LT event I've been to since before Tammy died in January. I'm hoping to see all the dear ones I've missed while I've been away from home these past months -- and hopefully get some serious snuggle on.

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