Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Geek Fetish (a story start)

OSCON is coming to town next week! Portland will be inundated with visiting geeks. Which reminded me of a story I need to finish....

(This is for the geeks who read naughty stories. I thought they might like to read one where the hero was one of their own.)

"What is it with you and geeks?" Trina asked.

"There's something about them that makes me want to rub my clit against their minds," I answered with a naughty grin.

"Kay! You are so bad," she laughed and shot me a mock-scandalized glance.

I smiled smugly and looked at the business card in my hand. It said, Kristian L Thiessen, Senior Hardware Engineer, Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, Oregon and on the back was his cell phone number, written in the slightly slanted block-print of a southpaw. I felt a tingle on my skin as I remembered the way he held the pen as he scratched his number onto the little rectangle of paper. Parts of me wanted to see what those fingers could do to flesh.

I have a geek fetish. Or perhaps I am a geek-a-holic. Whatever you want to call it, there is no escaping the fact that a man who can talk about eigenfunctions, complexity-chaos theory, or quantum mechanics makes me moist. And this geek--this geek named Kristian--definitely did it for me.


Trina needed to upgrade the RAM on her laptop and we were waiting for the next available Fry's guy to assist us when I spotted him walking toward us. He was tallish, probably 6'2”, and he wore square-rimmed glasses that somehow managed not to conceal his gorgeous blue eyes. His blond hair was receding a little and cut No. 2 short. He was heavy-set, carrying an extra 30 pounds or so, and his broad shoulders had the desk-jockey slope characteristic of most geeks. I was hypnotized by the movement of his belly under his black “resistance is futile less than 1 ohm)” tee-shirt. I found myself wanting to pull his shirt up so I could nibble and blow on his stomach. The nice, thick black belt threaded though the loops of his khakis beckoned to be undone in preparation for my exploratory hands. But for all that, it was the intent expression on his intelligent face that did it. I wanted to straddle that face and rub my pussy all over it, no doubt about it.

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