Friday, December 21, 2007

My December so far


I awakened to the feel of his whiskers scraping my back and the sound of my own voice, purring.

I had a tremendous series of orgasms and discovered how to squirt.

Comice pears, bleu cheese, and Chateau Montifaud 30-year old XO cognac. Oralgasmic.

My car died.

I wore thick socks and jackets against the cold, but my nipples were hard anyway.

I came so hard and so often that my pelvic and abdominal muscles were sore for days.

My sister's cancer metastasized.

Tantric hugs, inside and out.

I worked several 10 to 12 hour days at the office.

I stood with my face upturned to the rain, and let it fall on me like permission for tears.

She took my blood, and left bruises behind.

He said he wanted to go shopping and would buy me anything I wanted -- and I couldn't think of a thing I wanted. Except him.

He watched me savoring a bite of ribeye, a gleam in his eye.

Word-play, a volley of bad jokes and puns.

Scrabble and chess over tea.

I wound her hair around my hand and shoved her face onto her husband's cock while I painted hot-pink hand-prints on her ass.

A thousand shades of gray, the kiss of moist air, the scent of woodsmoke, and thee.

10 days left to December.

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