Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lunch hour on my back

The sky aches with blue. Golden light shimmers. A cool breeze pushes through curtains of heat. I'm stretched out under the shelter of a shade tree. The leaves are speaking to each other: it sounds like rain. The grass feels almost cold. They prickle my calves and arms, all those sharp little freshly-cut blades. I want to move, but I don't, I settle into the blades. They bend, forming a green-scented cushion. I cradle the back of my head in my hands and drift along...

And then the men go back to work on the water main.

I can hear them talking just before the machines fire up. Rumbling, and then the earth starts pulsing under me. Thump and scrape as the Caterpillar scoops up the earth. A moment of almost silence and then the clatter of soil into the back of a truck. A brief peace and then the thump and scrape again. Its an interesting rhythm, pounding up through the grass, vibrating me here, where I lay on my back, under the shade of the tree.

I could be upset. I could take it personally. I could consider my lunch break ruined. But I choose to I savor it instead, delving into the earth with my senses, body-surfing the shock-waves. Man can make an awful racket. But he can also make a symphony. It is my listening of it that determines my experience of it.

It is good to be alive.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to be alive and good to be at peace enough to find your bliss in that which is.

- SacredTouch

4:40 AM, August 31, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you are up, it is good to be alive. Lovely photos, too, from the underside of a birch.

7:58 AM, September 02, 2007  

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