Sunday, June 24, 2007

New story, started this morning

The throats of the orange-red flowers seemed to swell as they drank greedily of the sunlight's golden sweetness. My eyes tracked a couple of bees flirting from flower to flower, slipping deep down the flowers throats to gather the sweetness for themselves, only emerge seconds later, launching back into the air in search of the next source of nectar.

Glorious day, I thought, as I closed my eyes and let my head loll against the back of the chaise. I could feel the breeze tickling my skin, teasing the sun-kissed flesh, making my nipples harden. Sighing, I shifted a little and licked my lips. The sun was making me hot and the wind was making me hotter. I found myself wondering how I could entice my lover into the shadowy interior of the beach house for an afternoon of lazy love-making.

"Are you ready for some food?" Kurt asked from somewhere above me.

I opened a lazy eye and spotted him.

"Mmmm. Lunch. What a good idea," I said, thinking how providential it was that his stomach decided it was empty in the same moment I'd decided I needed filling.

I lifted my hand and he took it, pulling me upwards, out of my chair. I leaned into him and slipped my arms around his waist. I pressed my lips to the skin exposed by the vee of his shirt and inhaled sharply. His unique scent co-mingled enticingly with the salt-tang of the air, flooding my senses. I slid my hand down his arm and taking his hand in mine, stepped toward the house.

"Life's uncertain. Lets have each other for dessert, first."

"Oh no you don't," he said, and tugged back. "I said 'food', not 'fuck', you insatiable wench."

I pouted at him, then smiled, realizing we'd be going inside to eat, and once there I could use my hands and mouth to convince him to feed me what
I wanted--bent over the kitchen table. My clit twitched at that mental image and a small shiver ran through me. But he knows how my mind works, Kurt does. He smiled down at me, and there was a slightly cruel edge to his voice when he spoke.

"We're going to Seabiscuits," he said, naming a busy little place that was a combined internet cafe and lunch stop. He knew I liked their finger sandwiches, unsweetened iced tea, and free wifi.

A bead of sweat formed between my breasts and hung there, trembling with each beat of my heart, each breath, making me extremely aware of my skin, my breathing, my pulse.

My need.

Just as I was preparing a protest, my tummy grumbled.
I rolled my eyes and capitulated. He crooked his arm at me and I looped mine through his, and off we strolled toward the main street of the little beach town....

Time to get ready for a date.
Sushi for lunch, and I get to hear about the Naked Art in the Dark party I missed last week. Whee!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Erotic anticipation is such a lovely fruit of desire, divinely portrayed and flowingly expressed here in all of its delicious glory, blending the ordinary with the extraordinary in experience, while giving both the masculine and feminine essences their due. Nice. More please.

11:07 PM, June 24, 2007  
Blogger kujmous said...

I think your paragraph on chess makes an excellent epilogue to the rest of your story. I see no reason to add any more to the beautiful flirting that you described so eloquently.

6:25 PM, June 26, 2007  

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