Monday, July 30, 2007

Conquered and conquering

One of the people I see is a natural alpha male. He is dominant--and he wants to possess me. He thinks he prefers a quiet, respectful woman. He thinks he wants the woman to be womanly and yielding and submissive, but really, he wants an equal, someone to challenge him, to make him work for it.

I am contrary and defiant, I tease him, deny him, push him, until his patience and endurance are exhausted and then he takes from me what I will not give him. He takes what he wants--what we both want--and gives me what I want. His passion. All that emotion normally so controlled. I push at him until he drops the veneer of the civilized man and gives me the primal man underneath. I have challenged him, beyond the veneers of civilized man, making him reach for the primal, carnal, pre-historic man who is non-verbal and devoid of restraint... engaged his mind, his conscious self, with rational things, while pushing the buttons of the wild man inside. I make him submit, not to me, but to himself, to that man deep within himself. I call him forth by frustrating his civilized self beyond reason. And then, in that moment, I possess him as surely as he thinks he is possessing me. Every mark he makes on me marks his soul, every mark I leave on him marks my soul, makes him mine, makes me his. We conquer each other, vying for dominance. And it is deeply, intensely satisfying...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Subversively delicious and loving, your words dance on the surface of a primal longing that quickens the pulse, bringing the senses alive and giving voice to those ancient impulses that would by turns move a woman to seduce, torment, seduce and then torment again, with the kind of assurance that tears away the fabric of civilized discourse and brings a man back to a place where he can be a man again.

-- SacredTouch

4:22 PM, July 30, 2007  

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