Thursday, April 19, 2007

200th Post

Me in Santa Cruz on a very windy day. Photograher wishes to remain anonymous.At the pace at which I have been living my life the past two years (especially the past year),it seems difficult to believe that I've had the time to make 200 entries to this blog. But here I am, at entry #200. I took some time this evening to randomly view various links, and found myself surprised by the body of work I've amassed. So many photos, poems, essays, burbles, babbles, and personal bits. Is this what blogging is? Have I succeeded in my intention to give voice to the sensual immediacy of life? Could the time and energy I've spent creating this and contributing to this have been put to better use? I love questions. So many questions, unburdened of the need to find answers. The questions are what is important, not the answers. Answers change. And so do the questions. But it is the questions that drive us. Live! Something pushes at me. Live! The only certainty in life is death, so make each moment count. Feather tickler on my chin. Blues cycling through the speakers. Langorous warmth seeping into my skin, warm from a bath. Staring up into the canopy over my bed, watching the crystals catch the light. Joy and Sadness. Love and Pain. Life. This is life. This is life, and it is good.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


I have read many of your blogs and you have shared so much of yourself in them. I feel I know much about you, at least what's important. You see beauty in everything you see and experience. you see the true artistic value in the same. you surround yourself in beauty because You are beauty. I always feel honored to have been able to talk to you, and yes I too feel that I can tell you anything.

Thank-you Kayar Silkenvoice for being you.

In friendship

5:07 AM, April 20, 2007  
Anonymous Michael said...

Those questions, Kay, are the ones we all ask ourselves. You're the one with guts enough to ask them out loud. Thanks.


2:25 AM, April 21, 2007  

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