Friday, March 23, 2007

The Mountain

Mount Hood. The dormant volcano that dominates Portland's eastern skyline. The skiing wasn't so good. Two weeks of unseasonably warm weather turned powder into ice. Ah well. It was gorgeous, all the same, and the guest from England got to experience the full weather gamut from dreary rain, to hail, to brilliant, clear, warm days. He flew home Wednesday.

I'm feeling a bit like that mountain this week. Cool, smooth exterior concealing the rough spots and the volcanic energy. Its been one of those weeks with bad news on almost all fronts personal and professional. My sister's condition is unstable--we are waiting on test results to find out if she has cancer. I somehow managed to make one of my best friends anxious and uncertain, which rocked the foundations of my support system; and my boss had a minor stroke and will be out indefinitely, and the head of a supporting department will be out for surgerry next week, so my workload has effectively doubled and may even triple until further notice.

The good news is that is streaming my audio stories. I uploaded Attention Please I and II and I expect Doc will have them on the site before the weekend is over. I've recorrded Check and Mate but want to finish editing it and recording the intro. I'm such a perfectionist--I need a recording studio.

The best news is that a friend is coming to town for the weekend. So once again, I'll be too preoccupied to do much writing or recording.

Not that I mind...



Blogger kujmous said...

One can never have too many battle-buddies.

If you find your metaphorical icy shell giving way to the pressure lying beneath, let me know. I love a good puzzle and would think it an honor to catch and hold those pieces that escape your control.

That is what friends do.

3:10 AM, March 24, 2007  

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