Saturday, March 17, 2007

The sounds of spring

I awakened this morning at a reasonable hour, having slept 45 minutes past my usual waking. Today is the fifth or sixth clear day in a row this week--something remarkable in the Pacific Northwest. Since I'm going up The Mountain today, I brewed coffee first thing, then stepped out into my patio to enjoy the beautiful morning. I was greeted by crisp, moist air that had my nipples standing as a wave of gooseflesh swept over me. Standing outside in a silk nightie in mid-March was a bit too spontaneous. I went back inside and grabbed a robe and camera, then dragged my mic and stand outside. You see, my back yard is a golf course, and the trees are in flower, and the birds and squirrels were chittering, and the fishermen were motoring down the river, and the wind chime was singing, punctuated by the lonely sound of a train whistle. And when the weather permits I am outside in the mornings, experiencing this. So I thought I would share it.

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Blogger kujmous said...

Sounds like a great cuddle soundtrack. Thank you for sharing, as it seems winter is still having its way with us here.

4:27 AM, March 18, 2007  

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