Thursday, May 11, 2006

The sensual is spiritual is sexual

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There are important links between the spiritual and the sensual and the sexual.

I have almost always used the sensual as the entrance to the spiritual: for there are ways that the sensual and the erotic experiences can be transcendant, just as spiritual experiences can be erotic.

I know this: the Tibetan Buddhist model for the awakened mind is -- orgasm.

Ideally, the sexual is an expression of the sacred, it is an act of worship of the divine spark in my partner.

There are those out there who remain unconvinced of the spiritual dimensions of sexual pleasure, who are in doubt that the heights of which I have spoken are actually possible. Indeed, most advocate a temperate, low-key "it feels good bodily function" status for sex -- I know and understand this perspective because much of my own sexual expression has been a rational exercise in the mechanics of arousal and orgasm -- and yet I have also experienced the magical, spiritual aspects of sex.

I also know that it can go beyond what I have experienced, and I Desire that. And I will have the transcendant consciousness I have experienced with my most intimate friends, only it will be with a lover who is my match, and together we will traverse those peaks and valleys, and it will happen because I Desire it.

Why do I desire it? Because I am wired for it. Because I am a sensual creature, like many others in the world, and there are multiple points of access to spiritual transcendance, and the path of the Sensualist also has a Gate which opens upon that spiritual level... it is just a far more pleasantly distracting, winding, and branching path than most who seek enlightenment would choose to walk.

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