Saturday, May 13, 2006

I am reborn

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I am reborn.
Dawn touches the sky again,
bestowing numinous silence
upon lips kissed
by illuminating sensation.
Intuitions clear as morning
trembling wisdom,
revealed life,
simple being,
I Am.

I Am
this tender kiss,
sun-spawned, rippled,
eternal moments of bliss
suspended mindfulness,
self-awareness gone,
nothing remaining.
Not here, but there,
where sky aspires
to blue breathlessness
and breathes again,
I Am.

I Am
love's golden sun-kiss,
reclaimed and whole,
bathed in scented pools
dripping naked, exposed,
dreamy and dreamless.
Sudden clarion insight,
infinite motionless moment
of undeniable knowing:
I am reborn.

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