Thursday, January 21, 2010

I proposed: the Supreme Court made me do it

Tonight I asked him to marry me.

The news I was expecting to hear (but hoped for a miracle anyway) materialized.

No, I'm not talking about the election in Massachusetts.

I'm talking about the Supreme Court decision today to include Corporations under the umbrella of the First Amendment. The possible repercussions, the inevitability of them, swamped my emotional boat.

When he told me about the decision, I asked my lover to promise to take me with him when he moves back to Canada. He laughed and said "Sure!"

"How do I become Canadian?" I asked him a little later, after the full weight of the situation settled on me. He chuckled, barely turning his eyes away from the work he was engrossed in.

I gripped his hair with my fingers and pulled his head back. I looked him in the eye and said, "Will you marry me?"

More laughter from both of us. I am so not the marrying kind. I noticed that he didn't say yes. But he didn't say no, either.

"I'm at least 51% serious," I said, "We've got 4 to 6 years and then its Snow Crash." The book by Neal Stephenson, written about 20 years ago.

"I was just thinking that, too." He replied.

And then he held me.  I nearly asked my employer for a transfer to Canada when Bush was re-elected, and instead, did my best to participate in my local communities while the National political nightmare unfolded. But this Supreme Court decision, well, it has the potential to be insidious, to invade and usurp local and community politics, pervading even the ability of people to govern commercial zoning, exert control over the products being used and sold in schools, etc etc.

Normally a very positive person, willing and able to create a positive future for myself and others, today, all I forsee is... a descent into an even more corporatized government. Even dictators die. Corporations don't. They file for bankruptcy protection and get the government to bail them out, and then they keep going, generation after generation. I feel sick.

I've a feeling that one day I'll be writing from British Columbia, not as a vacationer, but as a resident -- and possibly as a married one. Heh. That makes me laugh. Finally.

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Blogger lonelyvoice said...

well done you
oh it's my birthday today

11:55 PM, January 22, 2010  
Anonymous A.J. said...

Don't let the border gates toast your buns on the way out?! :-P

1:49 AM, January 23, 2010  

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