Sunday, December 20, 2009

Changes to the Silkenvoice Podcast

Well, the AudioSensual Podcast was removed from the iTunes Store due to a bad RSS feed from Feedburner.  The bad data isn't present in my Blogger Atom feed, but when FeedBurner made the conversion to RSS something was happening that caused it to outright fail for a while. Right now I still have errors.

Since the Podcast section of the iTunes Store does not generate any revenue for iTunes, they don't bother supporting podcasts. If your podcast is removed for technical issues, you have to submit with a new name and a new RSS. Re-submitting isn't possible.

I have since cloned the podcast and re-submitted it to iTunes. It is listed under The Silkenvoice Show, or Silken on Sex, and doing a search for Silkenvoice or Audiosensual should bring it up.

Unfortunately, FeedBurner doesn't allow me to edit my RSS feed so I cannot add the iTunes tag to the old feed that will automatically re-direct people to the new feed at

This is all very discouraging, as the AudioSensual Podcast was consistently ranked in the Top 10 podcasts in the Health/Sexuality category. I had over 30 ratings and 7 reviews with an overall rating of 4.5 stars.

I'm also updating the various podcast directories and will be putting out a new podcast that explains the situation as soon as I find the time.  This is the cherry on the sundae, as I am also in the middle of moving! :)

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