Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Release: Where The Women Are 3

Just a heads-up for everyone who likes my Where The Women Are lesbian stories, I've completed production of the audio version and it is now up on my website. The about-blurb says this:
Ever wondered what goes on at women's colleges? In her Where The Women Are series, Kayar Silkenvoice tells a few tales out of class. This third episode starts with her roommate taking her basket of toys for a masturbation workshop, continues with morning sex between her and her boyfriend, and ends with witnessing one of her co-eds being spanked - - all before breakfast. With something for everyone, this audio has 40 minutes of superb storytelling by a woman whose voice is one of the most erotic you will ever hear.

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Silkenvoice: AudioSensual Erotic Shorts, Vol. 1

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