Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Waterfont Blues Festival is coming!

Portland's Waterfront Blues Festival
Twenty-seven days to go until the Waterfront Blues Festival! Yes! 5 days of blues, zydeco, swing, gospel, brass bands, orchestras, and some big names like Buckwheat Zydeco, Dr John, Little Feat, and Paul de Lay. I'm looking forward to taking that Blues Cruise with Buckwheat Zydeco and that NW Women in R&B performance, as well as that Australian blues man Harper. He's quite good with a digeridoo and harmonica, and he has a great voice! And I want to hear Rich delGrosso on the blues mandoline. I'm so excited I'm wriggling in my chair. Whee!

I've some friends with boats who will be parking out on the Willamette to catch the tunes. I might actually spend a day out on the water this time, instead of on dry land.



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