Thursday, May 25, 2006

Compelling Question

Individual, apart from the rest of the world,
Hyper-aware of flaws and imperfections,
Tantalizingly, undeniably incomplete,
Openly closed.

Flooded with need,
Seeking to claim and to possess.
Yet feeling this need,
Ever unfulfilled.
Struggling blindly,
Unable to see
The chasm between self and other lies within,
A rift which Desire alone cannot bridge:
There must be Love,
Demonstrations of erotic passion,
Dropping of ego-barriers.
Physical attempts to unite with one
Proves they are eternally beyond our grasp:
Another's consciousness is impenetrable.

Are we objects of gratification and denial,
Or numinous, uncontainable symbiotes
Mutually nourishing our souls?
The answer infuses Life with meaning.
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