Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Being happy in the flow of things

I encounter on a daily basis people who are always wanting and striving, and whose wants and goals never seem to be met, leaving them perpetually dissatisfied with their lives. Some days.... some days I absorb it. I breathe it in, and I soon I find myself generating negative thoughts. What did I accomplish this year? I asked myself this morning. My mind was blank. Nothingness was the response, and I cast judgement upon myself, and despaired. As the day wore on, as I worked like a fiend, thoughts passed through my mind like clouds scudding across a clear sky. I recalled that I completed two courses, that I passed my certification exam, that I'd had a marvellous vacation, that my relationship had ended amicably, that I had written some decent poetry, that I had made some new friends and deepened friendships with others... that, in fact, I had accomplished things that were important to me, and that was what mattered.

I remembered why I prefer to relax and allow myself to flow with things, because forcing my will upon the time always creates pain. I remembered why it is important to be compassionate and non-judgemental with others, and most especially myself. I remembered that it is not what I hold in my hands that is important, but what I have released, so that my hands and heart and mind are open to appreciate the gifts which grace my life on a daily basis. I remembered these things and the tone of my day changed as I found inner peace amidst the tumult and turmoil of my workplace.



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