Saturday, September 10, 2005


Mentally exhuasted, I tumbled into bed last night around 8:30, only to be awakened by the ringing of the phone. Middle Sister was calling from her nightclub. She was surprised I was sleeping so early, but I assured her I wanted to talk to her. We do it so infrequently, what with our different time zones and her odd hours. We do it too infrequently.

We discussed the sensual appetites that seem to be our birthright. She confessed to me that she loves her boyfriend, but that doesn't stop her from wanting others.

"Sometimes, all a man has to do is touch me in passing, and I'm wet," she confessed. "I don't know what is wrong with me."

I told her there isn't anything wrong with her, and I'm the same way, except for me, the person who makes me wet can be male or female, though usually male. It is something with being in our Thirties and being our mother's daughters, most likely. Our notoriously sensual mother, may she be at peace.

Middle Sister told me that she is masturbating a lot, because her boyfriend just isn't as sexually inclined as she is. She tried a couple of younger men, and it was wonderful sex, but its not the same as sex with someone you care for. She said she misses jump-starting her day with a quickie, she misses him bending her over the back of a chair, and she misses the urgent fondlings in the back room of her club. But he's nearly 40 and he's running his businesses and trying to finish their house, and he's up at 6am and she's usually just gotten into bed a couple of hours earlier, and when they do see each other, he's too tired--he just wants to hold her and go to sleep.

I had no words of advice for her. Perhaps for Xmas I'll send her a Hitachi Magic Wand. I know she has a vibrator, but hers is a full-sized Panasonic and the Hitachi one is smaller with a better vibrational frequency. I know I enjoy mine.

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