Sunday, February 15, 2009

Change in Podcast Host

For those who follow my podcast, I am announcing a change in my podfeed to Feedburner, and a change in my podcast host. Originally, I had my podcast at, but the site owners are not supporting it anymore--they aren't making any money off of it. Fortunately, they have other going concerns, so they are willing to keep the service up and running. But it is in serious need of a hardware upgrade. It can take upwards of 20 minutes for a podcast episode to pull up, the rss feeds tend to break, and most of the people who had iTunes accounts have found themselves dropped for technical reasons (unreliable feed).

It occured to me that I own all these internet Domains and have all this unused disk space and bandwidth, so why not look into generating my own rss feed for a podcast? After uploading the 20 epidsodes currently out there to my domain, I looked at software options for podcasting / syndication. I realized that Blogger already makes that possible if the media files are somewhere on the internet, and since I am a longtime user of Blogger, it makes sense to remain with a familiar platform.

Because iTunes does not have a process for allowing re-submission of rejected podcasts, I am changing the name of my podcast to AudioSensual, and trying one more time to submit, hoping mine was rejected due to technical issues instead of prudery (it is impossible to get the 'why' of the rejection from their support staff. I've tried). There are far more explicit podcasts out there than mine.

You can find my podcast at and on iTunes (yay!).

I have updated the rss feed / subscribe link on this page, as well.

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