Thursday, January 15, 2009

Announcing updates to

I enjoy writing and recording erotica. I enjoy the conversations I get into and the feedback I receive. I enjoy the freedom of being fully self-expressed in this area of my life. But one of the consequences of expressing myself in this way in the current culture is that some people consider my work to be questionable, objectionable, or pornographic.

I like to think that the quality of my work speaks for itself and that anyone exposed to it would find that it is neither degrading, disgusting, nor without artistic or educational merit. I deal in pleasure and happiness, two things I consider to be ultimately good, but some people object very strongly to the subject matter, and some organizations fear lawsuits over it. So I've found my work banned from iTunes (despite the availability of considerably more explicit podcasts) and asked me to so heavily edit my product descriptions that I decided they would be misleading as to the content.

I've spent the past month looking for better options, and have finally found something that suits my needs. As such, I have updated my website and have established a relationship with to provide the shopping cart functionality for selling my audio files. Please visit my website at There are now 12 erotic audio stories/files available for digital download at my catalog page.

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