Monday, April 17, 2006

Lean me.. (a fleeting fantasy)

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Lean me over this desk. Watch the bamboo sway in the breeze and my hips compress to the time of your thrusts. Watch my breath fog in the mirror-like surface, my fingers curl around the desk's edge. Hear my moans echo in this stone-walled room, soft at first and then more urgent as my breath is expelled by the force of your body driving into mine. Smell the rain outside, and the faint scent of my sex, yes, my sex and yours, comingled. Feel the satin skin of my ass under your hands, soft, soft, and pebbled by the cold air. Feel it give under the punishing pressure of your fingers as you approach your pinnacle. Listen, lover. Listen to our cries complete the curve of the day, in harmony with nature, yin and yang.

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