Saturday, December 09, 2006

Dream remembered

I was scaling a cliff. It was a limestone cliff, very friable, very much like one I had scaled years ago, back in Colorado.
The finger- and toe- holds kept crumbling, and I should have stopped and made my way back down, but I didn't.
I wanted to get to the top.
I was getting very tired and wishing for a chance to rest when I got to this ledge. I kept trying, but I couldn't get a good grip to pull myself up. It just kept breaking and crumbling away in my fingers, and I was terrified I would fall.
And N. was suddenly there somehow.
He said, "Give me your hand,"
And I said, "No, I'm afraid we'll both fall."
"Give me your hand," he said. "Trust me."
And so I did. He pulled me up on the ledge and I hugged him and laughed, giddy with relief...
And then he put his arms around me and stepped off the edge!
But we only fell for a few seconds and then we were soaring... and then we were in space, floating in the darkness.
Out there with the stars. They were so achingly beautiful, the galaxies and the nebulae, and he named them all for me... I could see them and feel them with my whole body.
I could feel the starlight tickling my skin. I felt so alive!
And suddenly I was 25 and skydiving again, hamming it up, loving the floating/falling feeling, so exciting, so primal, and knowing I was safe because N. had packed my parachute.

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