Sunday, October 08, 2006

Don't make me laugh, or I'll come

ME: Brat.
ME: Double brat.
ME: I laughed
ME: with ben wa balls inside me
ME: *grins.
Him: you're welcome. ;)
ME: I put them in to go work out.
ME: I hate working out. So ben wa balls make it fun.
ME: I had an orgasm on the elliptical machine one night
ME: I think the other two people in the room thought I was groaning through a tough work out.
Him: *boggles.
ME: You have no idea how outrageous I am, do you?
ME: *grins.
Him: Just pictuing working out with ben wa balls...
ME: *tingles.
ME: Fortunately any wet spots can be attributed to sweat ;)
Him: *gapes
ME: *laugh
ME: love me anyway?
He: In spite of all that. ;)

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