Friday, June 10, 2005

Libidinous Celibacy

Presently I am a committed practitioner of libidinous celibacy. At first the juxtaposition of those two words would appear to be paradoxical, but I know that such is not the case. Most people think that the adjective libidinous describes someone who is acting lustfully or lewdly, but in fact, it is not limited to actions. A libidinous person may be someone who has lustful thoughts or is otherwise preoccupied with the drives of the libido...without necessarily acting upon them. Few adults can abstain from sexual intercourse (ie, be celibate) and not experience rising frustration at the sublimation of such a primitive and instinctual biological drive. As time passes, this biological drive manifests as a psychological one as well, and the mind becomes preoccupied with libidinous thoughts. Thus, the term libidinous celibacy is not an oxymoron, but an apothegm.

Its good for me to be single for a change, good for me to take all that energy tied up in exercising my libido and use it more productively elsewhere. Not that I'm not getting off. No, indeed. I'm masturbating now more than ever, and loving it.

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