Friday, February 04, 2005

Retreat Day Two

Misty morning in Manzanita, Oregon. How is that for a view? I love the coastline here, it reminds me of the Hebrides. Posted by Hello
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It is a beautiful, misty morning here in Manazanita, Oregon. I awakened around 6:00am, my usual time, and threw open the curtains. The sky was still mostly dark, but light enough for me to see the foam of the waves breaking on the beach. I opened the sliding glass door and let the salt smell of the air in, revelling in its cool moisture after being closed up in a heated room all night. I dressed and waited 10 minutes for the sky to lighten a bit more,
and then headed to the beach, which is down a set of stairs and
across a street.

The beach was deserted - except for the sea gulls -- still is, mostly. I found a sand dollar, slightly nicked, and some black
basaltic pebbles -- pieces of Tillamook Head most likely,
worn smooth by years of rolling in the sand. A man and his dogs soon joined me on the beach. They frolicked in the waves and chased a ball that he threw using some ergonomic tool that allowed him to throw again and again without tiring.

One of the dogs came to say hello, a beautiful black lab that sniffed and snorted and dropped a piece of driftwood in front of me. He was foaming a bit at the mouth from the salt in the water. I threw the stick a couple of times and then the owner came abreast of me, said good morning, and the dog heeled, following his master up the beach.

It don't know that the temperature is, probably in the 50s. I wore my windbreaker but didn't really need it, Manzanita is sheltered by Tillamook head so there is very little wind. Nature called, so I hurried back to the motel, a nice, vigorous walk. Its amazing how fast you can walk when you really need to.

I don't have to check out until noon, so I'll probably stroll the
four blocks into the center of town and find some breakfast, and
perhaps read. I will move on from here today, but I don't know if I will head north into Seaside for the Jazz Fest there, or south, toward Lincoln City, where the casino and the nightlife are.

I want to drive, whatever I do... I have been enjoying driving along the winding Pacific Coast Highway with the sunroof open and the radio turned up. Its a very relaxing experience.

Anyway, I'm off to score some breakfast. I might post again later today.

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