Monday, March 24, 2008

Home at last!

So far this year I have slept in my own bed perhaps 15 days. And let me tell you, I've missed my bed. In fact, I've missed it so much that I am currently in it. I got home, got naked, and got between those thousand thread count sheets as soon as possible, and now I'm leaning up against the headboard while the tempurpedic mattress cradles my ass. This is a great improvement from the floatation devices that the airlines pass off as cushions that I was sitting on an hour ago.

Anyway, I'm home. Its hard to believe my sister has been gone nearly three months, and that my other sister has been on hospice for over three months. The one who is living is jealous of the one who is dead. Cancer sucks, my friends.

So I'm home, and I've got to pick back up at work, and I've got lots I want to accomplish after being away for so long. But I'm not stuck on getting it all done or having it all go the way I want it to. It continually sinks in that I can try to plan life but Life often does not go according to plan, so I simply have confidence in my ability to thrive whatever the circumstances.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading of your interior and exterior journey. Inspiring.

2:12 AM, March 24, 2008  

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